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Name is Nathan! From San Diego and I work on tons of projects. Need to contact me? Reach out to me at [email protected]

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The State of American Politics Post feature image

The State of American Politics

In the swirling vortex of American politics, where power dynamics often resemble a high-stakes game of chess, it's disheartening to witness the erosion of democratic norms and the rise of pettiness and lawlessness among those elected to lead. From the Oval Office to the statehouses, the landscape is

Partnered With Veilock! Post feature image

Partnered With Veilock!

Let's face it, the internet today feels like a fishbowl. Trackers follow you, ads target your every whim, and data breaches lurk around every corner. It's enough to make anyone yearn for a bit of digital privacy and security. That's why I'm

How I Got Twitter Blue Free Post feature image

How I Got Twitter Blue Free

In this blog I will go into detail on how I got Twitter Blue for free incase anyone wants to take advantage of it. Unfortunately, This method will require you to give him money but, After my explanation it will be worth it. When I first heard about the blue

Statement Regarding Activision Blizzard’s CEO Post feature image

Statement Regarding Activision Blizzard’s CEO

As a person who has been highly invested into the Call of Duty community and is a moderator on most of the biggest Call of Duty Subreddits i’m angry to hear that Activision’s CEO was well aware of what was going on inside his company and didn’t