Statement Regarding Activision Blizzard’s CEO

As a person who has been highly invested into the Call of Duty community and is a moderator on most of the biggest Call of Duty Subreddits i’m angry to hear that Activision’s CEO was well aware of what was going on inside his company and didn’t do anything to keep employees safe. I do not support any company that lets rapist stay in the company to harm other people. I have lost all confidence in Bobby Kotick and the board of directors. Leadership within Activision Blizzard needs a purge and bring other people in who will support employees and allow them to grow and develop their skills. I stand with the employees of Activision, Blizzard, and King and demand that Bobby Kotick be removed. There’s no place for people who support sexual harassment. I also want to shame Activision Blizzard’s board of directors for allowing Bobby Kotick to stay as CEO within the company. I will continue to do my part and continue my boycott from any game under the Activision Blizzard brand.