Reddit Blackout

Reddit Blackout

I wanted to make this blog post to bring some light into a issue that has been highly discussed the past few days and have been covered by a number of media  outlets. Please read this post in it's entireity.

What is happening?

If you are a person that browses Reddit I'm sure you've been heard of Reddit making changes to their API and the price 3rd party apps have to pay or access. For those out of the loop I will link the post below.

API Update: Enterprise Level Tier for Large Scale Applications
by u/FlyingLaserTurtle in redditdev
by u/FlyingLaserTurtle from discussion API Update: Enterprise Level Tier for Large Scale Applications
in redditdev

The main reason why this is a massive issue is because Reddit is asking for a lot of money for 3rd party apps to use their API. According to the developer of the popular app Apollo It would cost him about $ 1.7 million per month since the app makes 7 billion request and that would put him at $20 million a year in order to have access to Reddit's API.

With this cost Reddit is pretty much killing 3rd party apps. Myself as well as other people use 3rd party apps because they they provide better experinces for browsing. running communties, as well as for ADA related things. With Reddit impelenting these changes it will force us to use their own app which lack serious features.. It also does not help when Reddit releases things on the mobile app for stuff to break and make things more difficult.

Reddit has put out an update today about the matter and seems like they are not addressing the main concerns since they've been getting backlash.

API Updates & Questions
by u/lift_ticket83 in modnews

What is the reddit community doing to fight back?

Since Reddit announced their API changes Reddit moderators have come together and started forumlating a plan which has been creating an open letter to Reddit which you can see below

An open letter on the state of affairs regarding the API pricing and third party apps and how that will impact moderators and communities.
by u/BuckRowdy in ModCoord

On top of the open letter thousands of communties across Reddit will go dark which means they will go private and or restrict posting to protest Reddit killing 3rd party apps. for those interested a full list of subs going dark is below.

Incomplete and Growing List of Participating Subreddits
by u/SubManagerBot in ModCoord

What can I do if I can't go dark?

Don't worry about it! You don't have to shut down your subreddit. All we need you you to do is spread awareness by sharing the open letter anywhere you feel you need to! You can also post the following picture to any subreddit unaware of the matter below. Be sure to check out r/ModCoord and r/Save3rdPartyApps