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Outage Report 10/15/21

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What happened:

We owe you all an apology. Events today should of never happened. At approximately 10:19 EST we noticed our domain wasn’t loading. After doing a few things like checking our webmail and our support portal we verified something was going on. We’ve declared an incident on our status page and notified the team of the issue. After doing a few checks we’ve noticed a few things which will be listed below which will show a storage issue.  

The error provided by support system.
Email letting us know storage is becoming critical

Upon learning this we reached out to our upstream provider (OVH) to see if we can upgrade the disk space so we can bring service back up and running fully. Sadly, We were told we couldn’t have that done. So, We came up with another solution and purge a lot of thins which did the work. We will be honest, this is a temp fix and we are working on a permeant solution. we will update this blog once the fix is in place.

Upcoming Policy Changes:

To try and prevent this we will be implementing a few changes:
1. Employees  have to check their emails more often.
2. Monitor our systems more closely
3. Communication to be improved especially when it comes to impact of customer service.  
4. Bring more employees to the team for faster resolution time.
5. Invest in improving infrastructure and adding back up systems

Timeline Of Events:

10:19 AM EST: Saw Plesk down and incident was declared on status page.
11:37 AM EST: Contacted Upstream provider to increase disk storage
2:00 PM EST temp fix was implemented and systems are operational


We’ve learned from this and will make sure we try to prevent this. The reason why we’ve first pointed finger at OVH was because they had an incident themselves thinking we’ve may have been impacted but sadly turned out to be wrong. We are sorry for this and will be mindful next time and do more research first. We are using this incident as a learning experience  and it won’t happen again. We apricate each and everyone of you for your patience while we figured this out.  if your having issues still please reach out to us on Discord and on our support site.

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