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A quick thank you!

Before I begin with the the updates with Primed Hosting I just want to thank our customers for supporting and being great clients. Without you all, we wouldn’t be where we are at today and we’re excited to share some updates for you all on what has changed recently! So, let’s get into this massive update!

Web Panel Updates

On September 6th at 1:40 PM We took our site offline for maintenance and improvements. During this downtime we got rid of Cpanel and now we are using Plesk due to operational cost issue with Cpanel. When announcing that we changed to Plesk We’ve seen some feedback that most of you didn’t like Plesk and we’re sorry. This was highly discussed between myself and Logan and unfortunately we had to make this call and we hope you all understand and take this into consideration.

Discord Feed

Discord Feed widget

part of our updates we feel that adding a Discord feed to both our Game Panel, main site and client area. Doing this will add more functionality. Having this will allow you all to be able to communicate with us and the community within our Discord Server. It’s a good way for you to also find people to play with in our server. We are monitoring feedback with this and we look forward all you using it!

Game Panel

I’ll be honest with this, We felt the old game panel was extremely boring and basic so we’ve decided to go through with changing our game panel to make it look much more nicer and less boring. We’ve seen tons of feedback regarding our old panel and we heard you loud and clear.

Game Panel!

This panel is much more responsive and has more attention to detail and we are so happy with this change! As always, Please let us know what you think we would like tons of feedback on this!

Live chat and Support center

I am happy to announce more changes to how we do support for you the users. This has been the most heavily picky project, I’ve been working on and finding the right solutions I’m happy to announce that we have implemented a live chat and a knowledge based article system.

Live chat and support tickets

With the live chat, you are able to chat with us directly on our site as well on our client panel and also be able to submit support tickets and view our support articles in the widget shown above. For those who might think we are getting rid of Discord since most of you are on there. This will add to our support method. With our knowledge based articles you’re able to view guides on how to do things such as adding a domain to Godaddy or NameCheap or guides on ending your PayPal Subscription. I am extremely happy we were able to do this. We are still working on support articles and things happen and will update any articles if needed.

New Support Center

Server Status Changes

New Service Status

As stated in one of my recent update blog that we’ve added a server status to our site so we can better communicate downtime and we are still 100% committed to this promise and we’ve made some changes to our server status and added a better one. Our last one was not cutting it. there were some limitations where if we didn’t login for a certain amount of time they would disable our monitoring service and they didn’t allow us to communicate outages and provide updates through the service status. So, We’ve gone with a better one that allows us to change the state of the components to operational, degraded performance, partial outage, major outage and under maintenance. We’re also able to communicate updates on outages and planned maintenance. Clients are able to see past outages and incidents as well! We feel this was the right move and we are pleased about this.


And now I close this update blog with some words. I can’t stress this enough without you our clients we wouldn’t be where we are today because of you and we are happy at the rate we are going. We will always continue collecting feedback and making changes. We are going to be an industry changer! Thanks for all the support and continue to be vocal on feedback. Feedback will help us change! with this being said see you in the next update blog!

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