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I Blocked All of Russia Update

In this post I will be going over some updated info from what I posted on the I Blocked All of Russia From accessing My Site post. Sit back and enjoy the fun!!!

Current Situation

On June 22nd I decided to login to the Cloudflare dash to check up on a setting since I will be having service with Proofpoint and upon check things I’ve decided to check out the firewall stats and boy am I happy I did. In my recent post I showed that I was seeing over 96 blocks on the firewall that I’ve implemented to protect my site from Russia.

I logged in and noticed a double the amount of traffic coming from Russia. They were trying to access multiple locations on my site such as my webmail dashboard to other paths.

Further Actions Taken

Cloudflare: After very careful consideration I’ve decided to implement more changes to my security practice. I’ve enabled more firewall rules including blocking Russia’s biggest ASN YANDEX (Russia’s version of Google) with more changes coming. I will also enable rate limiting on vital dashboards to help prevent intrusions.

Proofpoint: I have recently made an investment and have gotten enterprise email security and will be blocking Russia from sending emails to my domain and among other changes.


I will continue to post updates as I do find these things interesting and I’m excited to see what happens in the future!!

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