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Star Citizen Review

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oh boy do I have a lot to say about Star Citizen. I’ve been watching a lot of videos on this game since I’ve first heard of the game and seen some gameplay. I thought to myself this is the game i’ve always wanted, but couldn’t play it because I didn’t have a high-end PC so I forced myself to watch gameplay and imagining playing though the content creators eyes ever since then I had to get the game. Recently, I had made the purchase to get a gaming laptop and I purchased the game. I’m going to describe my thoughts down below with how I fill with the game.


I have been playing for about 7 days now and I finally have all the flying down and know how stuff works. At first it was pretty confusing, but, I’m glad I’ve taken the time to learn the game and how things work. The most confusing part i encountered while trying to fly in between planets is locking on to one with the quantum drive and it wouldn’t work and found out that you had to go to the galaxy map and re-track it to make it work (Not sure if that is a bug or if it was intended.)


The graphics on this game looks so crisp. i think of all the games i’ve played so far I feel Star Citizen has the best graphics hands down. The detail on the planets and the star ports and space stations are just beautiful. the graphics make me feel as if I was in Star Citizen thanks to the first person mode. There’s one thing I will make a complaint about and I feel this is justified. When landing on a planet and it’s on the side where it’s night I feel they should make it brighter on those planets where it’s really really dark due to a storm blowing dust. But that’s all i got to say about the graphics.


It’s crazy at the amount of detail they put into the ships. There’s so much detail in them. It’s nice that I found a game that shows effort has been put into it. I started off with the Constellation Andromeda, which is a $275 ship which is good for shipping stuff.

My dream ship to have right now is the Anvil Carrack Expedition. This ship is the one you should do shipping with. You can ship a lot of stuff and make tons of money off it. The ship is massive and includes a medical facility and a few other things that will make your life a lot easier when playing Star Citizen. my only gripe about it is cost $1100 but with that amount it offers a lot of stuff which you can check out down below.


I have encountered some bugs which is to be expected for a massive game that is currently being developed on the fly. I’ve encountered 30k errors which is pretty much a game crash. There are other bugs I encountered where if I were to go into a star port and go to the Elevator it would show up as a like there was no door there and it would show just outer space. While traveling and landing on planets there was an issue where when I go into a research center the stairs would be above the surface making me jump to get on to them.


I feel this game is worth getting. If you like big MMO games and flying ships and shooting people and mining and bounty hunting this game is for you! It’s action packed and there’s a lot of stuff to do! The community in this game is amazing and willing to help get you started if you’re a newbie! Be ready to learn stuff if you do play because there’s a lot you need to take in and I suggest you have time to mess around. If you’re interested use my code: STAR-FS7B-63D4 and we both will get credit! I will put a trailer down below so you can make a decision on getting it or not.

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