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Free Web Hosting and Contest News!!!

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Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since we’ve made a blog post! We just wanted to check in with everyone and hope everyone is staying safe! We got some exciting news to share with you so lets get into it!

Free Web Hosting

As a thank you to our loyal members anyone on a premium Minecraft server is eligible for free web hosting service. (Personal plan) if your interested feel free to submit a ticket and or reach out to us on our Discord.


Yep that’s right! We are doing a giveaway! How do you get in this you may ask? Well, all you have to do is invite people to our Discord server! Here’s how it will go down. Whoever invites the most people to our server will win a year of service of there choice. The contest will run starting today until the end of the year. We are doing this to show appreciation for our community for getting us to where we are right now and we really do appreciate each and everyone of you. For those who don’t get this we will be doing more in the future! So, Stay tuned to our blog!!!


Yep! We got rules that have to be followed! Make sure you read these very carefully!! Failure of following these rules will result in DQ and other actions depending on the situation.

1. You must follow Discord’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service!
2. Don’t spam other Discord servers. Doing so you violate Discord’s guidelines/terms and may have your account disabled. (We will also take action on our side)
3. Don’t make accounts and invite them. We will find out and you will be DQ if you do. (Please don’t be this person)

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