The State of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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To begin this blog post this is not to blast Activision or any of it’s developers. I’m so thankful for being able to communicate with them and providing feedback and making sure legitimate concerns are being heard. I know the developers can easily ignore me and I thank you for not doing so. I do however would like to talk about the state of the game and provide constructive criticism.

Single Player:

I have to admit I loved single player. I played single player on realistic for a good chunk of it and just adds way better experience that way. As soon as I started, I was instantly put into action. The storyline that the team at Ininfity Ward did was amazing My favorite part of the campaign going to Piccadilly going after terrorist. That mission was so intense. I’ve never played any game that has that much action and being that controversial. It’s very fast paced and I have to say I had no issues with bugs.


I have to admit multiplayer is pretty decent. I feel there should be more play testing before putting out hotfixes and updates because it seems like most of them are always breaking something in the game. For example with the latest title update broke many aspects of the game such as XP, Match making visual glitches new under map exploit where users can fly their helicopter underneath and able to kill people without taking damage. Thankfully, I have not had much issues

Download Size:

I’m going to have to be very critical about this. These download sizes are honestly not the best for the game. A lot of people can find it very annoying, especially for those who have terrible internet providers like myself cough AT&T. These download sizes are honestly pretty annoying, especially when you have to download certain parts of the game.

I do not get why they have implemented this. It’s just a massive inconvenience and just upsets members of the community. At one point I thought about uninstalling Modern Warfare for this very reason and I still continue considering uninstalling it no game should be like this. As a mod on r/ModernWarfare and r/CODWarzone who sees many complaints on the subreddits I feel Infinity Ward should definitely relook at this and make some changes. I feel this is probably the worst move they have made with this. I will give credit where it’s due though. For those who like to download certain packs can do that and can save a lot of memory on your system knowing how big Modern Warfare is.


A few months after Modern Warfare launched I saw a massive amount of cheater reports on r/ModernWarfare and on other social media platforms and i’m happy how Infinity Ward proceeds with it although it took them awhile. On April 21st Infinity Ward pushed out a tweet outlining a roadmap on what they will be doing with cheaters. For example, users who report a person and if Infinity Ward deems them cheating, they will give users a heads up that their report lead into a ban.

Infinity Ward didn’t stop there! They continued to update the community on how many account bans have been issued in a blog post that Activision published which is a good thing for the community. It’s good for a company to be transparent about things like this to show that they do care. But wait, there’s more! On May 12th Infinity Ward put out a tweet that all new players for Warzone on PC are required to enable two factor authentication which is a very big win for the community. My only thing about this is I wish that they made it where you can see the ban happen live as it’s just so satisfying cheaters getting reckt! Other then that I give Infinity Ward massive credit for this!


I feel the game is good. There needs to be a little more work with keeping the game optimized. There definitely needs to be a lot more QA testing before an update goes out to make sure there’s no bugs or if there is it’s something really small that the community can deal with. I feel the way Infinity Ward is handling these cheaters is a very good way I wish there is away to see the ban live just for the satisfaction that someone isn’t ruining the game anymore. Keep up the good work!

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