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To start this off I want to make this EXTREMELY CLEAR my team and I are 100% committed to making a change to the web hosting/gaming hosting industry. We would like to go into some details on some of the changes we have done with our company based on community feedback! Without our community, we would not be where we’re at today, and we are EXTREMELY THANKFUL for everyone that helped shape Primed Hosting.

Game Servers!


On May 12th we asked you the community what game servers you would like us to bring to our product line up and we gave you all a few choices which were FiveM, Gmod, Arma, and Rust and you all smashed it and we hear you loud and clear! I would like to announce that we now have Gmod Servers and Rust servers! If you’re interested in getting a game server head on over to our Game server page where you can purchase one! 

Service Stabilities

Website Outages

For the past 2 or 3 weeks, we’ve noticed a lot of outages happening and we’ve been taking in a lot of feedback from you the clients and we owe you an apology. All these outages are unacceptable and we hear you loud and clear. So We did something that should have been done long ago. And we’ve updated our web node. This was desperately needed, and we followed through with our promise to improve our services. The server specs are listed down below. 
CPU: IntelĀ® Core™ i9-9900K Octa-Core RAM: DDR4 Storage: NVMe SS

Recent Uptime performance

After these changes, we’ve noticed a DRASTIC change in service. It has been 4 days since the changes and there have not been any outages so far! We are committed to making sure that we provide top-notch service that meets our customer’s satisfaction and we will continue investing in our infrastructure to make sure we meet with demands. We will also continue to engage with our community and taking everyone feedback and making sure voices are being heard.



With this current change, We will be getting rid of the old server and the panel on and moving everyone to our new panel location We feel this is the right call and our server will be holding multiple game servers for Gmod and Rust and so on We look forward to moving everyone over and testing this new server. Please let us know how you like it we want to hear your feedback. Feedback is paramount to help improve our companies services.

New Server Status!

New Server Status!

It is important to communicate outages and with this, in mind, we are happy to announce that we have a new Server Status This is a paramount tool to make sure we keep you our clients updated on the status of services and communicating outages so you are not left in the dark. With this tool, it will automatically detect downtime and reflect it on the status, so you know which component is down. This will also alert our team as well, so we can respond faster to the outage and get you all back on track ASAP.

Update on Immix Solutions

On Apri 17th my team and I announced that we have acquired Immix Solutions and I would like to provide an update on this since we been AFK on this. As of today, we have dissolved Immix Solutions meaning that Immix Solutions is no more. All clients have been migrated to our service and have shut down all of Immix resources. We would like to thank the CEO of Immix Solutions for being part of this journey. We would also like to thank our staff for going above and beyond and assisting with this migration and without you Primed Hosting will not be where it’s at today and we’re excited about the future!

Primed Hosting Hiring?

We are looking for more people to join our wonderful team! The perks we are offering our employees is a 25% discount on all services every month. If you’re interested in any of the positions down below feel free to fill out an application!
Public Relations Officier 
Chief Financial Officer
Trust and Safety Director 
Support Manager
Support Agent
Community Manager
Sales Reps
Trust and Safety Specialists
You can fill out an application using this link here.

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