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Acquired Immix Solutions

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On April 17th my team at Primed Hosting made the first step in our change in the industry to help us reach our ultimate goal. We are extremely happy to announce that we have acquired Immix Solutions! Immix Solutions is a hosting provider for websites and game servers such as Minecraft and Garry’s Mod.

What resources will be part of Primed Hosting?

We have no plans to use any of Immix Solution’s resources, We feel we have enough resources to meet demands.

The plan going forward?

As we continue to migrate all of Immix clients our infrastructure, We will be closely monitoring all systems to maintain uptime. We will also maintain all support operations for both Primed Hosting and Immix during this change. We have brought all primed hosting staff online to make sure everyone is being attended too and make sure all needs are being met. We will also continue to invest in our infrastructure to make sure we provide top quality service as well as having backups in case something happens.    

Why did you choose this company?

The reason behind this is because I love gaming. I love the interactive aspect of video games and engaging with the community and seeing everyone come together to play their favorite games! I myself love playing games when I can and that is one main reason why my team and I acquired Immix Solutions.

What will happen to Immix?

Once the migration is over Primed Hosting will be shutting down Immix game servers down and will be phasing out Immix We would like to say thank you to the CEO of Immix for working with us and joining us on this amazing journey!

Is Primed Host recruting people?

as of right now, we are looking for staff. The current positions we have available right now is
Public Relations Officier
Chief Financial Officer
Trust and Safety Director
You can fill out an application using this link here.

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