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Statement Regarding The Attack on Ukraine

I want to  say sorry it’s taking me this long to respond. I’ve been thinking long and hard on how I will respond to this. The past  few days I’ve been glued to my computer and phone on Twitter, CNN, Reddit, and on Youtube. I’ve watched live streams Of areas within Ukraine and being able to hear the fighting is disheartening. War has no place in our world and we the people should come up with an alternative to prevent human loss and damage to our livelihood. 

I also want to highlight the good things I’ve seen on various platforms. Massive respect to the ukrainians who are treating Russian soldiers with respect and dignity to those who surrender and also providing them with food and drinks. It’s very heartwarming to see and it shows what type of people ukrainians are. Other things I’ve seen were ukrainians allowing captured soldiers to call their parents. Massive respect to them and it’s nice to see the compassion that is displayed. 

One last thing I do want to highlight is Russian soldiers purposely sabotaging their equipment and refusing to participate in the war.  It takes a lot of guts doing that knowing there are some really bad consequences for doing it. 

I condemn Putin and the actions he’s taken. There needs to be a peaceful resolution that don’t harm anyone and other people’s property. I hope both sides can come together and sit down and have a discussion to end the war. 

Want to help? Check out this post on r/Ukraine with a full list of charities:

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