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I Blocked All of Russia From accessing My Site

Some background three weeks ago news broke that Russia started an attack on Ukraine. When this happened most many countries started issuing sanctions against Russia which has massively hurt their economy. In fear of retaliation The United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency issued a Shields up alert with other countries following suit and urging other corporations to beef up security.

Actions I’ve Took:

Following the guidance of the government entities I’ve taken action to secure my site. First and for most I’ve made a firewall rule to block all of Russian traffic using CloudFlare’s firewall product.

CloudFlare WAF

On top of using their WAF product I use their Zero Trust product called CloudFlare Access. CloudFlare Access allows me to set up how someone access the back end of my site or other products I use. for example right now when someone goes to the back end of my site at You will be met with the CloudFlare access screen.

CloudFlare access

This is done to prevent outsiders from having access to the applications login screens. CloudFlare gives everyone great rules to set to make sure things are secure.

For example I have it set where You need a Google Workspace account with my domain. You may ask what if someone guesses my password correctly? Thankfully Google has a product called Google Advanced Protection (highly recommend it) which requires someone 2 type of physical hardware security keys.

Google asking for security key

Having a security key is great asset to keeping your digital life safe and secure.


Now for the fun part ever since implementing CloudFlare’s WAF service I’ve been keeping a very close eye on the traffic i’ve been getting especially coming from Russia. As things developed in Ukraine I’ve made a statement on it in a form of a blog post and a tweet on Twitter. I’ve been seeing some minor traffic coming from Russia but as of 4 or 5 days ago I’ve been noticing an massive increase in traffic from Russia.

One week it was low 10s up to almost seeing 100 blocks coming from Russia. Thankfully I recently upgraded my CloudFlare account so I can have more protection. Part of my upgrade is CloudFlare provides advanced firewall rules which they manage to help protect from other application attacks which will become free to all CloudFlare customers

I’m so thankful for CloudFlare for protecting my site and I would highly advise anyone with a site make an investment with their products.

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