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Community Update 2/13/2020

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On behalf of myself and the staff here at Primed Hosting we would like to provide updates on recent changes we are implementing. Some of these updates include security changes on how we will be verifying users when providing support. We also are making changes to our Discord server to make sure everyone knows what we expect from them. It’s important make these changes to make sure everything is running smoothly in our Discord server and day to day operations at Primed Hosting. We would like to hear your feedback on these changes. Please keep this in mind, we are open to make changes if needed so please keep the feedback coming!

Security Changes

We have recently implemented a support pin feature, This method will help us verify you, among other things we have recently implemented. To begin we added a new support pin feature doing this will help keep your account safe and out of hands of bad actors. On top of the support pin we will ask you questions regarding your account to make sure we are talking to the right person and we are very excited for this change!

Support Site

As of of you may or may not know We used LiveZilla as a support site for a little while and unfortunately we got rid of it. We’ve made the switch to Zendesk. Zendesk is great tool to help with assisting you with your needs and provide you with guides on issues that keep coming up. Support will still be within our Discord, but we will start referring you to our support guides to help with your issues.

Discord bot Changes

First, I’ll start with our bot. As some of you may or may not know, when going to the channel to open support ticket there was a few departments that didn’t look right. So, We’ve changed that to make it look better and included all the support departments. We’ve also made changes to how you can view the ticket transcripts.

On top of all that we added some quick links at the top of the ticket transcripts which you can join our Discord with that link. Then you can click on “store” which will take you to our storefront on our site where you can purchase services. Last, but not least you can click on “status” which will take you to our Service Status which there you can check on the status of our core services and such. One more update with the bot changes I would like to announce that we will soon implement a feedback form which you can leave feedback about your support experience. Implementing this will let us know what we need to work on. We care about your experience and we want improve so please help us and fill it out once it’s implemented.

VPS Updates

A while ago we provided VPS hosting at our early stages of our company and unfortunately we had to discontinue it because we didn’t see any revenue growth from it. We seen an increase in feedback to provide VPS again. We published a survey to determine if we should bring back VPS hosting and sadly, we won’t be bringing it back at this time. We did not get enough interest to bring back VPS but we will continue to monitor feedback and growth of user base and will post another survey in the future.

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