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I Caught Covid And This Happened…

On January 17th, 2022 I officially tested positive for Covid. I would like to provide a play by play on what symptoms i’ve experienced. A quick note i’m fully vaccinated and got a booster shot.

January 15th 2022

On this day I started noticing some changes as if the energy was being sucked out of my body. I started becoming more tired then normal. I decided I was going to sleep it off because I thought it was me just being tired from riding my new bmx bike and just not use to it.

January 16th 2022

I woke up and started feeling more sick. I was feeling more tired and just feeling like a normal cold. At the moment I live with roommates who were currently sick at the same time. I heard then over talking and mentioning covid so I go and get tested. When I got tested I did a rapid test and within 30 minutes it came back negative. So, I told myself great nothing to worry about.

January 17th 2022

I woke up feeling as if I had a cold with few new symptom which was a small headache, nose being stuffy and runny, woke up sweaty and not being able to taste. Asked my roommates how she was doing and asked if she had the cooties (We call Covid cooties at work) and was finally told she had it after awhile of being sick. Decided I was gonna go ride my bike to go get tested. 15 minute later I finally get the call that I got Covid.

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January 18th 2022

Right now the only symptoms I got right now is coughing, stuffy nose, headache, and a little bit of dizziness, and waking up sweaty and not being able to taste. I’m thankful nothing serious hasn’t happened yet and i’m glad I get to stay home and get paid for it.

January 19th 2022

Woke up this morning and experienced a minor headache with improvement to being able to breath through my nose as it’s been stuffy the post few days. I’m also seeing improvement in energy and can keep my eyes open a lot more.

January 20th 2022 and Conclusion

I woke up with no symptoms at all other then a small headache was easily taken care of with meds. This will be the last update I provide as I’m feeling better. I’m not the type to push anyone to do anything but I would suggest everyone get a vaccine and boosters as they do help. I’m glad I was able to be fully vaccinated so I wouldn’t have to suffer much. For those who want to get vaccinated check out the government’s Covid vaccine site.

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